About Us

Touch imaginations and hearts through meaningful storytelling and excellence.

Since our 1995 formation as a South African media production company, Newman iMotion has had a long and rich history. Our studio has worked in the film and video production industry, focusing on 3D animation, post-production, and visual effects (VFX).

We’ve served corporate videos, TV shows, music videos, TV advertisements, TV station identities, film theatre ads, YouTube videos, and more. We’re also experienced in graphic design, GUI design, software and web development, as well as setting up and running eCommerce websites.

Since 2020, we started developing a pipeline for narrative film through 3D character animation inside real-time game engines. We created the virTjil YouTube channel to share some of our animation tests and knowledge. On the commercial side, we provide VFX and Animation services to select studios and their productions.

Our passion is to touch imaginations and hearts through meaningful storytelling and excellence, either through our own stories or as part of other productions.

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