Our Mission

Funded by patrons, Newman iMotion produces faith-inspiring films, videos, books and more, for 100% free download worldwide.

“I hope to inspire people to find for themselves the Living God and their true identity as He created them.”

Paul Newman, founder of Newman iMotion

Projects Prove Themselves

Anyone can follow the progress of all our projects. Certain media products can be downloaded for free reading, viewing, listening and sharing.

What Your Funding Does

Since Newman iMotion is run as a not-for-profit operation, all funding goes into operational expenses and productions costs.

Restoring God’s Truth

We see a future where more modern media expresses Godly values, teaches righteousness and portrays authentic Christian spirituality.

Stories Shape The World


Stories and how they are told fill imaginations, shape thought, word and deed.

Stories have the power to pull down or lift up. Some stories can direct people to darkness or toward God’s light.

Newman iMotion is therefore selective about what stories we produce and distribute.

Even though we consider many works from diverse storytellers, we take great care in what our stories say.

Our Values

These are the principles to which we shall remain true. They reflect our standards for media production and our vision for the future of entertainment media.


Our faith in God, the Father of our savior Jesus Christ, defines us inside this world and forges our identity. Our connection to God by His Holy Spirit shines His light inside us, teaches us, guides us and gives us compassion for the world around us. We use our artistic and technical skills to impart that truth, compassion and love from God.


As stewards of divine truth we commit ourselves to producing work of high standards. Our Lord gave His best, pushing to the goal without giving up. We’ll venture to do the same. Excellence is a quality from God we’ll aspire to.


We celebrate belief and faith in God through His Son Jesus Christ. We’re making a home for Christian talent, visions and voices, a place where spirituality is expressed. We champion diverse stories by fellow believers, whether fiction or non-fiction, to be seen and heard as far and wide as possible.


Compassion for others is fostered by communicating experiences and perspectives. Stories let us step into the shoes of others, to broaden our views and open our hearts to them. We connect Christian storytellers to their audiences, artists to the public.

An Effective Model

We strive to release as many media titles for free in order to maximize downloads worldwide. This allows us to aim for wide distribution which means more people receiving spiritual nourishment. Our focus is not profit but reaching people with truth.

Our Team

Get to know the team of producers and creators at Newman iMotion.

Our Story

Salvation via movie, a media production career and giving up in order to give…