Seeing your name on a movie credit roll is now a simple matter of joining the Newman iMotion Co-Producers Club. All club members are officially recognized as co-producers of our movies, books and interactive titles.

We’re in a media production partnership with our patrons. We’re the rocket and they the fuel, without which we can’t take off and travel to distant worlds where faith inspiring stories unfold. We provide the creative and technical manpower and they provide the funding to keep us going. Media production is expensive, requiring many well equipped creatives and technicians spending massive amounts of time realizing a project’s vision. We can’t produce without our patrons, hence we credit them as co-producers. There are many projects in our production queue waiting to entertain and inspire vast audiences out there.

This method of crowdfunding allows free distribution of all our productions, which is a crucial part of our mission. The other huge benefit of this patron system is not having investors who compromise the Gospel while chasing profits. Maintaining control is essential to remain faithful to God’s truth.

Club membership has different tiers, the higher tiers offering more prominent credit mentions. Tier pricing starts as low as USD$4.00 once-off on the Solo membership, limited to one month. For those wishing to make monthly or larger once-off payments, select anything from Bard through to His-story Maker, a year long membership. Angel Patrons are the top tier without an upper limit to their funding. All club members have privacy control for those who wish to remain anonymous.

Please visit our Patron page to learn more.